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NB: Registration has closed now for 2018, but we have a waiting list for 2019 her. 

This is the webpage of Ås’ own Community Supported Agriculture farm (andelslandbruk or andelsgård in Norwegian). Dysterjordet CSA farm can be found right in the centre of Ås, just a few minutes walk from the train station. We’ve been operating since 2015 and our field is on rented land from Dystergård (Dyster Farm).Påmelding er åpent for 2018

Our field is certified for organic production from Norway’s certification body, Debio. We produce a diversity of vegetables both on the open field and in our large poly tunnel. There are a number of other areas on the field that we share; a kids’ patch, the herb spiral, and a picnic area where we cook by and warm ourselves near a fire.

Over the years we have had between 130 and 200 members each year; this year we are open for 130. Prices are in more detail here but to outline, there is a one time registration payment (innmeldingsavgift) for all in your household that will come to the field and/or eat veggies from us (500kr adults, 250kr students, teens and kids), and then an additional different share price (årskontingent) for adults, teens and kids (kids under 5 are free, but we’d still like them to be registered to get some details for statistics and insurance purposes). But this year we offer a family share whereby you honestly work out for yourself how many shares you need to buy. We have calculated that in past years based on those seasons having been 20 weeks long, each share (or andel in Norwegian) was worth 120kr per week; with is a great price for a lot of organic vegetables!

Our andelslandbruk is based on these three important concepts:

  • Shared harvest, shared risk
  • Dialogue between the farmer and the consumers/users
  • Open and transparent economy (see our 2018 budget here Budsjett 2018)

We have closed membership to the public but have a waiting list for 2019 now. Take a look around this website, and use google translate when you need to, or just email me for any specific questions: .

Some other important documents you might like to find some time to sit down and go through are to be found here. Yes they are all in Norwegian but I’m sure you’ll work things out! We hope all this helps you to consider being a member.