28. feb Årsmøte 2019

Annual general meeting of 2019. This meeting elects new boards members, goes through our accounts for the members to understand and sets out our plans for the coming year as approved by the current board.
This year we ask the members to approve a big investment in constructing our own water source as we can no longer rely on the Ås Kommune to sell us komunalt water. Veggies need water, especially if we get a summer like last year. And our plan is to pump water from the dam up on Dystergård.
Another investment needed is to buy plastic to cover the tunnel after a storm damaged it all last year. Luckily the tunnel’s frame itself is fine.
At the meeting we will also go through the proposed budget for 2019 as developed by the board with input from the gardener, Håkon, and the manager, Nat.
We hope to see all members there.
28. feb, torsdag.
SU105, Søhelinga building, NMBU.
Høyskolveien 12. Ås.

There will be cake! 😀