Fermenting Course, all welcome 24th Oct.

All-round fermenting genius Amy Lam (Canadian and a student at NMBU) has been invited by Dysterjordet andelslandbruk to provide an introduction to lacto-fermentation for both our members and people of the general public.

amy's workshop

sour kraut

Amy will go through the processes behind fermenting, teaching you about how to lacto-ferment vegetables; what can go wrong and how to make things right. You will leave with 1L of sauerkraut that you’ve made yourself with Amy’s detailed instructions. The course will be in English and will cost 50kr for members and family-members of Dysterjordet andelslandbruk, 75kr non-members, so invite your friends!
Sign up here and Amy will get in touch with you, tell you what to bring and how to pay: https://goo.gl/forms/q7P7SGOxe5Eub65u1